Hey all,

I'm moving in to my new house and it looks like non-NBN HFC is the fastest internet connection I can get (NBN arrives 2019+). The actual problem is there doesn't seem to be any good cable deals with fast speed - in fact it seems that cable bundles have become more expensive than they were 2 years ago.

I've been using Optus' $90 entertainment bundle (unlimited data, unlimited standard and mobile calls, Fetch TV with bonus channel and free boost [almost consistent 100/2 in Richmond, VIC!]) for a couple of years and sadly it's no longer offered :( Optus now only offer a $60 and $80 bundle with with standard pay-as-you-go phone line and Fetch TV on the later, but they're all 30/2 speeds, and speed boost is only available on the later, which would bring it up to $110/m - so paying more for less than 2 years ago. Plus, at the Optus retail store that I visit annually (and know the owners reasonably well) said they couldn't offer any discount for existing Optus customers.

I also have a Telstra mobile contract so there's potential for me to sign up with Telstra's $90 cable broadband deal with 1000GB with PAYG calls and possibly get a loyalty discount of -$10, or pay $10 extra for Telstra TV, but I don't know what value I would get from this (besides access to Foxtel Go) than what I already have on my LG C6 TV with webOS 2.0 (similarly with Fetch TV).

The main reasons I need fast HFC is:

Household will eventually have 4 people
All users have smartphones
Often simultaneous usage of YouTube, FaceTime, and more
Netflix and probably iTunes 4K HDR streaming
Dropbox synching

Any advice?

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